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TOC analyzer

From complex industry waster water to phamaceutical pure water, our TOC analysers determine the parameter quickly and precisely.


COD analyzer

With our analysers, the chemical oxygen demand is cleanly and safely determined online, without using hazardous chemicals.


BOD/Toxicity analyzer

We detect the BOD with the plant‘s own biomass and determine the toxicity with highly sensitive bacteria, fast and accurately.


Online TNb-TP analyzers

Either in industrial processes or waste water treatment, the online monitoring of the total bound Nitrogen is often required. We are the only ones who offer a combination of TNb with TOC, COD and even TP in one system.

Product News

// 22.01.2015


In industry, pure water and ultra pure water are used as raw material, auxiliary or operating material. Its...more...

// 21.01.2015


Surface water, ground water and drinking water can be polluted by accidents or with negligences. To ensure a safe...more...

Company News

// 16.02.2015


At Wasser Berlin International, LAR will present their new total organic carbon analyzer QuickTOCpurity especially for pure and ultra pure...more...

// 10.02.2015


The Supervisory Board of LAR Process Analysers AG appointed Mr. Oliver Rothe as new Member of the Board. From 1st of January 2015 on, he is...more...


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In May 2015, AQUANET - the German network for the Water Sector in the Capital Region Berlin- Brandenburg - offers a 2- day - airport seminar in Berlin, Germany.


Read more about the AQUANET airport seminar.


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