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In Vietnam an increasing number of more than 200 registered industrial zones (IZ) are without sustainable waste water treatment. To cover the demand for an adopted waste water solution for these IZ, a “Flagship Project” will be exemplarily implemented at Tra Noc IZ in Can Tho City.

Using containerised pilot plants in different branches of Tra Noc IZ, high-tech solutions for pretreatment of waste waters, generation of energy from waste water and recuperation of valuable substances shall be adapted and verified by on-site pilot systems, taking into consideration the local conditions.

LAR AG is providing online monitoring analyzers for the determination of TOC, COD, BOD and toxicity to one of the monitoring stations at the Tra Noc IZ in Can Tho.

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Head of Projects
Dr. Ulf Werner Naatz

Project duration

November 2009 - December 2015


AKIZ Vietnam stationary laboratory outside
Outside view of stationary laboratory in Can Tho
Mobile monitoring lab in Vietnam
Mobile monitoring lab
Inside view of stationary laboratory
Men at work in stationary laboratory
Equipment of the mobile monitoring lab
Equipment of the mobile monitoring lab

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