PPP Uzbekistan

In April 2014, the internationally organized project was launched in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The project's scope is about the optimization of existing analysis and monitoring systems to ensure high quality of drinking water and water for domestic use.

Within the project, more than 26 measurement points and stations will be analyzed and evaluated, including river monitoring at Bosu, Salar, Chirchik, Syrdarja, Karasu, and Karakamisch. Therefore, an adapted online analysis system and data transfer system for the decentralized monitoring of river systems will be installed.

The operation of mobile and stationary measurement laboratories for continuous online monitoring, the adaption of measurement stations to local conditions as well as the transfer of measurement results via internet to Uzbek authorities and project partners are parts of the PPP project. Moreover, numerous training sessions for lab personnel and local authorities will be performed.

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Head of Projects
Dr. Ulf Werner Naatz


Stationary lab in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Stationary lab with laboratory COD analyzer, Tashkent
Mobile Measurement lab for PPP Uzbekistan project
Mobile Measurement lab
Training session with lab personnel and local authorities, PPP-Uzbekistan
Training session with lab personnel and local authorities

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