IWRM South Africa

The IWRM South Africa project of MOSA (Middle Olifants South Africa) is divided in several components and phases. Currently, it is in phase II focusing on the implementation of technical and legal structures to assure sustainable operations. During phase I available and usable water resources were investigated. It turned out, however, that the existing data basis of water quality was not sufficient or reliable enough. Unfortunately, until now the measurement points have been too far away from laboratories so that the samples were falsified by chemical and biological reactions during transportation. These measurement data could not serve the South African authorities as basis for the IWRM.

In phase II, besides tools such as the web-based geographic information system, an online analysis and data transfer system shall be developed in close cooperation with the South African supervisory authorities.

This online analysis and data transfer system has been practically implemented in form of a mobile laboratory that will be set-up at different measurement points along the Olifants River for the direct on site water monitoring. As a part of the project, the following measuring points were analysed and evaluated in 2013 and 2014: Kubu Kwena / Riverside Lodge / De Villa Lodge / Forever Resorts Loskopdam / CSIR Pretoria / Dam wall / Game Reserve / Riverside Lodge / Groblersdal 1 and 2 / Burgersford. In these periods and locations no irregularities were recorded. Its results will be provided directly via internet to the South African authorities and for further updates and evaluation of the IWRM model by the project partners. In May 2013 the mobile lab, of which LAR AG is responsible for the conception and operation, has been field-tested for ten days in the MOSA project region. The measurement equipment was tested successfully in practice.

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Head of Projects
Dr. Ulf Werner Naatz

IWRM South Africa
B. Sc. Olivia Arts

Project duration

2006 - 2015


IWRM South Africa Mobile Monitoring Station
LAR's Mobile Monitoring Station
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Farmers at LAR's Mobile Laboratory

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