Petrochemical Sector

In the petrochemical sector production of petrochemicals, plastics and biodiesel requires high process safety and product quality. Especially in the steam-waer cycle as well as in the cooling water and process water, effective monitoring for efficient and trouble free processing is essential. In particular, it is important to minimize product losses and optimize water management.

Any disturbance in water circuits may lead to a total system shutdown, which causes enormous costs. Application specific online measurement technology that quickly and reliably detects contaminants in the water offers enormous advantages and reduces costs.

Types of Water

  • Process water
  • Cooling water
  • Surface water
  • Boiler feed water
  • Condensate return
  • Industrial waste water
  • Discharge control
  • Oil-in-Water
  • High salt concentrations

Process Control and Effective Water Management

Avoid high costs by preventing

  • Product losses
  • Losses of heating energy for instance when condensate return is contaminated
  • Additional pretreatment of water for (purified) water cycles
  • Additional treatment of waste water
  • Additional charges for extending discharge limits
  • Additional costs for repair/replacement of damaged equipment

Use of water as a raw, auxiliary and/or operating material in a variety of processes:

  • Process water for heating purposes
  • Process water for cooling purposes
  • As steam to drive turbines
  • As a reaction medium for cleaning

Adequate water management safeguards plant operation

  • Process water that is cost-intensive to produce and to heat
  • Recycling process water and its thermal energy promises considerable savings potential
  • Water quality must comply with purity specifications

Leakages and equipment failures cause contamination of product and of process water

  • Organic contamination may lead to damages in pipes, boilers and heat exchangers
  • Sever contamination may lead to a shutdown of the entire production plant
  • Shock loads will cause severe problems in the downstream waste water treatment

Additionally, the waste water treatment is demanding due to high pollution by chemicals, oils, salts and other contaminants.

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Ex-proof equipment for industrial plants (upstream/exploitation)

Ex Zone = explosive gasses, vapors and/or mist are often present. Any spark may cause an explosion.

Online water analyzers with ex-proof housings are installed as close as possible to the process to ensure fast analyses. 

LAR Analysers correspond to international standards and are certified in accordance with IECEx as well as ATEX Directives. 

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Total Organic Carbon analysers are commonly used to measure the level of organic contamination in water. Online TOC analysers installed in refineries and petrochemical plants are located right in the middle of the process facilities.


The total organic carbon process analyzer is a measuring system for complex water applications for monitoring and optimization of industrial processes and municipal as well as industrial waste water treatment plants.


LAR's online total organic carbon analyser determines the TOC in less than three minutes and thus, allows the operators to take fast countermeasures in case of water pollution.