The CO2-Remover from LAR Process Analysers AG removes carbon dioxide (CO2) from compressed air and dries the air at the same time. It operates according to the principle of pressure swing adsorption, using two identical columns with a hygroscopic desiccant cartridge.

Technical Description

Compressed air passes a filter- and pressure regulator unit, which removes most of the humidity, as well as oil aerosols and particles before it is transported into the CO2-Remover. Afterwards the compressed air is lead through one of the two columns of the CO2-Remover, both containing a densely filled desiccant cartridge, in which any remaining humidity and the contained carbon dioxide (CO2) is adsorbed.

Subsequently, a large portion of dried, CO2-free air flows through the particle filter from the CO2-Remover to the analyser.

For regeneration purposes, a small amount of that processed air flows down countercurrently through the other desiccant cartridge, removing adsorbed humidity and carbon dioxide from this desiccant cartridge. This air is released into the atmosphere and the desiccant cartridge is ready for the next adsorption.

The control unit switches regularly between the columns after renewed pressurisation at the upper end to ensure a continuous supply of dried, CO2-free air at constant pressure. Also, the CO2-Remover may be controlled by a zero-volt signal from the compressor, resulting in an energy saving mode, which detects when the compressor is off and stops the operation until the compressor starts again.


  • Reducing material consumption of the analyzer and therefore reducing the operating costs
  • Installation is possible underneath or at the wall near the analyzer
  • Maintenance after 12,000 operating hours (or 2 years)
  • Less than 15 minutes required for maintenance
CO2 remover unit picture

Suitable Analyzers

LAR's CO2-Remover is available for the following products:

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