TOC Analyzer for (ultra-)pure water

LAR's TOC analyzer QuickTOCtrace is a reliable analyzer for the lowest measuring ranges, which uses uv oxidation and differential conductivity measurement to determine organic contamination, making it ideal for TOC measurement of (ultra-)pure water. It is a compact and intuitive analyzer with a short reaction time - first results are available within 30 seconds.

Its comparatively low initial cost and, due to its robustness, low operating costs increase the profitability of your manufacturing processes.


Features & Benefits

  • Measuring range 0.1 to 1,000 ppb TOC
  • Short reaction time → T90 within 30 seconds
  • Continuous measurement (every 2 seconds)
  • Userfriendly software interface with 8“ touch screen
  • Remote service → connection to internet for service analysis
  • Low operating costs → long lasting UV lamp
  • Easy to maintain → easy to calibrate (1 time per year)
  • Easy system validation with fully automatic SST (optional)
  • Viewer → comprehensive data storage
product picture of TOC analyzer for ultra pure water

LAR's TOC analyzer is suitable for a variety of applications and water types::

Options extend the functionality of the analyzer.

  • Multi-stream measurement for up to 3 sample streams
  • Calibration solutions
  • SST-Kit
  • Heat-exchanger for samples with > 50°C

The housing of the analyzer is characterized by the following specifications.

Housing Stainless Steel IP 20 (standard), IP 54 (optional)
Dimensions 300 x 500 x 200 mm (W x H x D)
Weight ca. 7 kg

Continuous TOC measurement by means of UV oxidation and differential conductivity measurement.

The QuickTOCtrace is an online system working on the basis of the traditional continuous flow process with conductivity detection. UV oxidation using the “direct surface” process guarantees highest precision thanks to highly sensitive conductivity sensors. In differential conductivity measurement, the initial conductivity before oxidation, as well as the conductivity after the treatment of the sample, are measured. The TOC concentration results from the difference obtained from subtracting the first, lower conductivity measurement from the second, higher one.

With integrated temperature sensors, all data that is relevant of the measurement of TOC are monitored and processed. The QuickTOCtrace can thus reliably determine the parameter TOC in a measuring range of 0.1 - 1,000 ppb.

QuickTOCtrace measurement method

System Suitability Test - SST.

The verification of the TOC result is carried out using periodical implementation of the system suitability test and complies with the standards prescribed by the US pharmacopoeia, as well as the European pharma regulation (European pharmacopoeia). QuickTOCtrace’s software enables a quick and simple initiation of the SST at any time and offers automatic data evaluation as well as automatic implementation of the testing procedure.

The automized functions of the SST allow a high standard of safety and minimized operation costs in controlling the water.

Qualification and calibration.

Calibration can be carried out by the user at any time. By connecting the inlets for the calibration solution and the diluted water sample, as well as terminating the online measurement, the calibration can be carried out using the software. Statistical evaluation of measurements and the respective calibration parameters are displayed on the screen (plausibility test).

Software and data output.

The QuickTOCtrace is controlled via an integrated processing unit and an 8” touch screen monitor. Based on the Windows 7 operating system, data can be embedded and documented as encrypted date-specific files, so that crude data is not manipulated as per pharma guidelines. All saved files can be accessed using the viewer function and/or exported for further processing.

The TOC is one of the most important composite parameters in the assessment of the organic pollution of water.

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