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LAR's product range covers water analyzers for the most important sum parameters as TOC, COD, TOD, BOD, toxicity, TN, TP, and Oil-in-Water. The measurement systems are used in three major areas of application: Environmental monitoring, municipal facilities and industry.

Based on the analyzers' high precision and speed, they allow an optimal controlling of processes, safe supervision of industrial and municipal waste water treatment plants, reliable monitoring of surface water and inflows of rivers/lakes.

The Total Organic Carbon (TOC) measures a samples organic loads and is thus an important indicator for water quality. From complex industrial waster water to phamaceutical pure water, LAR's TOC analyzers determine the parameter quickly and precisely.


TOC Analyzer

Total organic carbon analyzers of LAR Process Analysers AG

The Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) indicates the amount of oxygen which is needed for the oxidation of all organic substances in water. Conventional methods need toxic and hazardous oxidants. On the contrary, LAR's COD analyzer determine the parameter cleanly and safely without using hazardous chemicals - online as well as in laboratory use.


COD Analyzer

COD analyzers of LAR Process Analysers AG

The Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) indicates the amount of oxygen which is needed for the biological degradation of organic substances in water. Toxicity is described as the direct harmful effect of a substance on organisms. Both, BOD and toxicity, are important parameters for the control and protection of waste water treatment plants.

BOD Analyzer

Toxicity Analyzer

BOD / toxicity analyzers of LAR Process Analysers AG

The total nitrogen bound (TNb) shows the pollution of water caused by nitrogen compounds. Using LAR's ultra high-temperature method, the TN can be determined by using a CLD or ECD. The total phosphorus (TP) is determined by the molybdenum blue method. However, this parameter can be combined with TOC, COD and TN measurements in one single analyzer.

TN Analyzer

TP Analyzer

  • QuickTOCNPO
TN TP analyzer of LAR Process Analysers AG


These overviews show the assignment of LAR's online analyzers, their suitability to applications as well as sum parameters to be determined.


Product overview                           Application overview

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Total Organic Carbon analysers are commonly used to measure the level of organic contamination in water. Online TOC analysers installed in refineries and petrochemical plants are located right in the middle of the process facilities.


LAR's analyzer QuickTOCeffluent is an online TOC analyzer especially designed for water with a low-particle density at the plant’s effluent.


The analyzer ToxAlarm is a measuring system for online toxicity monitoring as well as for laboratory use in drinking and surface water applications.