Chemical Industry

Due to toxic, adhesive, sticky or fatty characteristics water management at chemical plants is very challenging. Using LAR's application-specific technology you can improve your water management efficiency by reliable on-line measurements.

Water Management in Chemical Plants

In chemical plants water is used as a raw, auxiliary and/or operating material in a variety of processes. Amongst other things it is used for heating, for cooling, as steam to drive turbines, as a reaction medium and for cleaning. In short, without adequate water management chemical plants may have to shut down in case of a pollution of their water.

Application-specific on-line water analyzers provide a remedy.

Types of water used in chemical industry

Schematic presentation of types of water used in chemical plants
Schematic presentation of types of water used in industry

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Parameters: TOC, DOC, TNb, COD


The determination of oil-in-water (OIW) is of special importance in many processes of the chemical and petrochemical industry. Since oils and fats consist of carbon compounds, TOC analyzers (total organic carbon) are particularly suitable for their reliable detection. LAR's QuickOIL is an online analyzer for the determination of oil-in-water.


The total organic carbon (TOC) reflects the samples' organic load. To monitor the quality of pure water, the TOC will be measured continuously and automatically by online analyzers.