Total organic carbon measurements in the manufacturing or semiconductor industry are of big importance regarding product quality and safety in process. TOC levels in Ultra Pure Water (UPW) applications are very low.

Water in Manufacturing Industry

In the manufacturing industry, e.g. the semiconductor industry, numerous processes need ultra pure water for their operation. Any disturbance in water quality may lead to a cost intensive plant shut down - this should be avoided. Therefore, continuous and fast water analysis is required to meet the high quality standards set.

Ultra pure water system

Schematic presentation of ultra pure water system in munufacturing industry
Schematic presentation of ultra pure water treatment and distribution system

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Numerous processes within industry are characterized by high salt concentrations in water. In order to enable reliable monitoring, LAR Process Analysers AG developed an outstanding High Salt Option for their online water quality analyzers.


LAR's QuickTOCpurity is a tailor-made TOC analyzer (total organic carbon) for pure water and ultra pure water. The sample is injected via a special injection loop, avoiding any environmental influences to the sample.

parameter: TOC

types of water: pure water, process water, boiler feed water, condensate return