For the sake of the nature. Outstanding catalyst- and chemical-free water analysis at 1,200°C

QuickTOCultra - Outstanding analysis at 1,200°C

QuickTOCultra - The online TOC analyser with the ultra high temperature method at 1,200°C

With regards to national and international regulations of water markets, the constant control of water quality becomes more and more important. The continuous monitoring from complex industrial and municipal waste water over process water to pharmaceutical pure water occupies a special place, from an ecological as well as economical point of view.

A whole variety of pollutants can be present in water, which cannot be determined individually. At least not without considerable analytical effort and within short time. This is why the so-called sum parameters are used such as the TOC (Total Organic Carbon) and the TNb (Total Nitrogen bound). For an exact TOC/ TNb measurement all carbon/ nitrogen compounds must be reliably combusted. LAR Process Analysers AG has developed the ultra high temperature method at 1,200°C which meeting the requirements, without the need of any catalysts. Below this temperature a complete oxidation of hydrocarbons is evidently not possible. For example, carbon bonds of carbonates only break fully at a combustion temperature higher than 1,150°C. Basically, lower temperatures deliver less exact measurement results. For this reason, the catalytic high temperature oxidation at 680 to 1,100°C uses catalysts to improve their oxidation potential. However, the performance of the catalysts is lowered over time. This decrease of performance affects the measurement results. It constantly makes new calibration necessary until eventually the catalyst has to be replaced.

Other measurement methods require oxidants and other hazardous chemicals to improve their oxidation potential. Additionally, the oxidation potential of chemical methods is relative since particles and more complex carbon compounds can only be partially digested or even not at all. With regards to the latest standards of occupational safety and environmental protection these methods are not recommended.

The LAR ultra high temperature method at 1,200°C guarantees the complete oxidation of carbon and nitrogen bonds, resulting in exact and reliable measurements – without catalysts or chemicals. On the market, the catalyst-free thermal oxidation technique has proved itself in hundreds of applications worldwide.