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As a worldwide leading manufacturer of online water analyzers, LAR publish periodically company, product and event news.


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LAR's booth at Achema 2012

Learn more about the different applications and types of water. LAR provide a range of articles which explain the water analysis challenges of various applications throughout the world.


Explore selected articles from the press, including experts from specialist water journals, daily newspapers and online media.


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Cover of the article "Shake your moneymaker", published in Hydrocarbon Engineering

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Cover of the corporate magazine of LAR, issue 1/2016

Technicians in front of an analyzer at a technical training

Technical Training

If you would like to learn more about one of our analyzers join our technical training. They take place in our headquarter in Berlin on several occasions throughout the year.

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Booth of LAR at Achema 2012


LAR takes part in the world's most important trade fairs. Explore all of our participations and take the opportunity to make an appointment with us.


Picture of LAR's international sales meeting 2016


Each year LAR Process Analysers AG takes part in conferences and congresses. Here you will find a quick overview where LAR takes part.


Group picture of all seminar participants of the LAR Airport seminar in Munich 2014


LAR's workshops and seminars are held by expert speakers and experienced users. To a large extent they come from the industry and will speak about their own experiences.

Workshops and Seminars

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Total Organic Carbon analysers are commonly used to measure the level of organic contamination in water. Online TOC analysers installed in refineries and petrochemical plants are located right in the middle of the process facilities.


LAR's analyzer QuickTOCeffluent is an online TOC analyzer especially designed for water with a low-particle density at the plant’s effluent.


The analyzer ToxAlarm is a measuring system for online toxicity monitoring as well as for laboratory use in drinking and surface water applications.