TOC Analysis

What TOC is and how it is measured.

A whole variety of organic matter can be present in water, which cannot be determined individually. At least not without considerable analytical effort and within a short time. This is why the so-called sum parameter TOC (total organic carbon) is used.

The TOC measures a samples organic loads and is thus an important indicator for water quality. Since it includes all carbon compounds as one mass, it is exactly defined and an absolute quantity. Therefore, it may be determined directly.

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total organic carbon in pure water

Pure water

Pure water and high purity water are crutial factors of production in numerous processes and industries. Depending on the demand it is used as a raw material, auxiliary or operating material.

LAR Process Analysers provides for every pure water application tailor-made TOC analyzers.

total organic carbon in process water

Process water

Process water are very diverse regarding to its use. These water may contain adhesive and/or toxic substances, and are characterized by high and fluctuating loads or a wide variety of compositions.

For the toughest applications, LAR AG offers its Ultra series.

total organic carbon in waste water

Waste water

Waste water is one of the most challenging water for online analyzers. Mostly, it is characterized by highly fluctuating loads, very high salt concentrations as well as a high particle density.

Using an innovative injection system, LAR's analyzers are best suited for the measurement of waste water.

Tailor-made TOC Analyzers

Analyzer for Pure Water

For water with low particle density, LAR's pure water analyzers are equipped with an injection loop system. Using this closed system, influences from ambient air or other influences will be avoided. Moreover, samples with up to 90°C can be measured easily and safely.

These application-specific instrumentations measure TOC concentrations in the range of ppb, and fulfil the requirements of pure water applications.

UV-Persulfate TOC Analyzer

LAR's low-budget TOC analyzer QuickTOCuv is a continously working measurement system using the UV persulfate oxidation method. This method is suitable for the determination of TOC and TC (total carbon) in clean and pure water (drinking water, condensate return, and boiler feed water).

This online analyzer convinces with its ease of use, low investment costs and high operational safety - even in Ex zones.

TOC analysis for waste water

For the toughest applications, LAR Process Analysers offers online TOC analyzers equipped with an unique injection system, that are capable of transporting and measuring a high content of solid matter without any filtration. Additionally, LAR's high temperature combustion at 1,200°C guarantees the complete oxidation of the sample.

This analysis results in TRUE TOC.

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Total Organic Carbon analysers are commonly used to measure the level of organic contamination in water. Online TOC analysers installed in refineries and petrochemical plants are located right in the middle of the process facilities.


LAR's analyzer QuickTOCeffluent is an online TOC analyzer especially designed for water with a low-particle density at the plant’s effluent.


The total organic carbon process analyzer is a measuring system for complex water applications for monitoring and optimization of industrial processes and municipal as well as industrial waste water treatment plants.