COD Analyzer for Laboratories

LAR's QuickCODlab is a COD analyzer for the determination of chemical oxygen demand (COD) in laboratory applications. This innovative analyzer provides a fast and economic alternative to common measurement methods.


Features & Benefits

  • Measurement range: 1 - 100 mg/l (depending on the application), 10 - 200 mg/l, 100 - 1,000 mg/l, 1,000 - 3,000 mg/l, 2,000 - 10,000 mg/l, further options available
  • Response time: 3 minutes
  • Determination of the real oxygen demand
  • Proven thermal temperature combustion
  • Chemical-free technique
  • Reliable measurement without reagents
  • Excellent chloride acceptance
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LAR's chemical oxygen demand analyzer is suitable for:

The COD analyzer is suitable for many types of water:

  • Water influent
  • Water effluent
  • Discharge control
  • Industrial waste water
  • De-icing water
  • Process water
  • High salt concentrations

Using analyzer options, the measurement system is adaptable for every measurement challenge.

  • AutoSampler

High temperature combustion. The clean alternative.

LAR's COD procedure is based on the thermal oxidation of the sample at 1,200°C, with subsequent detection of the oxygen consumption. This method (ASTM D6238-98) has been employed hundreds of times in the field of online monitoring and has been specially developed further for use in the laboratory.

The crucial point with QuickCODlab: The high-temperature procedure developed by LAR enables the reliable oxidization of all the organic compounds in the sample at a temperature of 1,200°C. The procedure does not need any catalysts or other hazardous or corrosive reagents. Furthermore, the measurement results are free of chloride interferences due to the unique process management. The homogenized sample is injected directly into the reactor where it is completely oxidised and accurately analysed with an O2 detector.

Determining the chemical oxygen demand within minutes.

COD measurement is accomplished in about 3 minutes. Thus, 3 replication measurements per sample can be determined within less than 10 minutes.

The QuickCODlab offers enormous time and cost savings in comparison to standard procedures.

The real oxygen demand. Even with changing sample matrices.

The process management of the QuickCODlab also makes filtration of the sample unnecessary. The homogenised waste water sample is injected directly into the oven. The measuring device provides accurate and reliable results, even with varying sample matrices.

Very high salt concentrations. No problem.

The QuickCODlab easily masters salt concentrations of up to 10 g/l, and even up to 300 g/l of sodium chloride (NaCl) with the additional high salt option. The salts move through the oven and are carried out of the system together with the condensate finally being collected as solids in a special retaining device. This means that no salt residues can form in the oven and the sample does not have to be diluted, even at the highest of salt concentrations. This, in turn, having a positive effect on the accuracy of the measurements.

software measurement screen

The software. Easy to use.

The software's operation is simplified by means of tabs. It includes an extensive selection of measuring ranges, as well as calibration and parameter settings, which enable a quick and accurate analysis of the sample. The measurement series, which can be exported for further processing, are automatically evaluated, internally stored and displayed in the form of data tables and measuring curves.

The COD value indicates the amount of oxygen which is needed for the oxidation of all organic substances in water.

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Due to the use of the ultra high-temperature combustion method, the new COD laboratory analyzer is characterized by a high operational safety and low cost of ownership.


LAR's QuickCODlab is a chemical-free working COD analyzer for the determination of the chemical oxygen demand (COD) in water.


LAR's QuickCODlab is a COD analyzer for the determination of the chemical oxygen demand (COD) in laboratory applications