LAR's solution for fast and easy calibration and validation in lowest TOC measuring ranges.

The Problem

From practice, operators told us: “My problem is not to maintain the analyzer. That is easy. My problem is that when the analyzer suddenly reads a high TOC the operator runs in and tells me my analyzer is not analyzing correctly and that he is loosing expensive steam for no reason. How can I prove him fast an accurate that it is not the analyzer but the contaminated steam causing the high TOC-reading?“

Common calibration and validation methods

Common calibration and validation methods require watery standards. With pure water applications such as condensate return, boiler feed water or steam, their concentration, however, is lower than drinking water. Hence, liquid standards are easily spoiled and must be produced or obtained with significant efforts.

Preparation of liquid standards

man taking samples

           ⚫ Special ultra clean water and clean air laboratory unit required
           ⚫ Each preparation takes 4 hours
           ⚫ Very limited storage time
           ⚫ High contamination risk

The Solution

Measurement Principle

1) Sample/test gas transport via loop injection system
a) Extraction of sample/ test gas from sample stream
b) Definition of the sample/ test gas volume
c) Injection through lock valve.
2) Combustion, oxidation to CO2
3) CO2 concentration measurement

The QuickCalibration feature allows the fully automatic validation of the measurement system's correct operation – at any time. LAR uses a predefined test gas that is stable for a long period of time and usable for months or even years. The test gas is injected directly into the system and transported like the liquid sample via the loop-injection system. The volume is predefined in accordance to the application and both the volume of the water sample and the volume of the test gas are identical.

Loop Injection System

Both media are oxidized by LAR's ultra high temperature combustion at 1,200°C within the ceramic reactor. Due to the closed operation system any contamination either of the liquid sample nor of the test gas is prevented. LAR uses a special gas mixture in dependence of the application's requirement. Experiences show that methane (CH4) works very fine with the most purified water applications. Since the gas is connected directly to the analyser it is available at any time. Hence, the QuickCalibration feature may be activated anytime necessary – also via remote control.

product picture TOC analyzer QuickTOCpharma

Suitable Analyzers

This revolutionary method, developed and patented by LAR, prevents any contamination in contrast to liquid standards and simplifies the handling considerably.
This feature is available for the following LAR TOC analyzers:

Applications and procedure

LAR's Quick-Analyzers for pure water applications are the online measurement systems for the fast and precise determination of TOC in low ranges between 0,1 ppm to 2,000 ppb. Multi-stream operation is available. These systems meet the requirements for the measurement of condensate, boiler feed water, cooling water, steam, and other highly purified water for industrial processes.

With the patented catalyst-free high-temperature method at 1,200 °C the complete oxidization is guaranteed. The analyzers successfully detect any short measurement peaks that appear during the day and show directly when the contamination is over. Based on the batch principle the single results are delivered within only few minutes.

The QuickCalibration feature works only in combination with the thermal catalyst-free combustion at 1,200°C. Furthermore, it requires the batch principle that allows the injection of the test gas as well as the closed injection loop that enables the exact definition of the test gas and prevents its contamination.

  • Fast and simple operation
  • Available at any time (also via remote)
  • Multiple point calibrations
  • No risk of contamination
  • Low cost
  • Long durability
Measuring method  Thermal catalyst-free combustion at 1,200°C
Injection system  Closed injection-loop
Measuring principle  Batch principle



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