Agribusiness is a collective term for a variety of activities within the agriculture production. It includes amongst others the production of agrichemicals (e.g. pestizides, fertilizer), breeding, crop production, processing and distribution.

Use of water in agricultural production

In agribusiness water is used in crop production (e.g. farming), for cleaning and sanitation, as an ingredient or component of a product, as well as in processing operations (e.g. cooling, heating) amongst others. To ensure high quality production, as well as process safety, online or laboratory water analysis is of special importance.

Using LAR's analyzers operators can rely on fast and reliable measurement systems that meet the tough demands of the various applications in agricultural, food and beverage production (e.g. water pretreatment, plant influent, power generation, cooling, boiler feed water, product losses, waste water treatment).

Schematic water system in agribusinesses

Schematic water system in agribusiness with TOC / COD measurement points
Schematic water system in agribusiness with TOC / COD measurement points.

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New innovations in COD and TOC analysis


Total Organic Carbon analysers are commonly used to measure the level of organic contamination in water. Online TOC analysers installed in refineries and petrochemical plants are located right in the middle of the process facilities.


The analyzer ToxAlarm is a measuring system for online toxicity monitoring as well as for laboratory use in drinking and surface water applications.