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Custom-fitted TOC Process Analyser for Pure Water and Waste Water

Application-specific TOC Analyser

In chemical and petrochemical industry, water quality and its reliable measurement is crucial for the economy of production processes. Often, production sites are operated 24/7, so that continuous process control is indispensable.

From pure water to complex process water / waste water, TOC measurements must be reliable, fast and accurate. TOC process analyser that are custom-fitted to the specific needs of the measurement task provide enormous analytical and business benefits.

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I want to measure fast, reliably and accurately.

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Particles or no particles,
that is the question

Often, particles are the main reason for analysers' downtimes. In worst case, if the analyser stops measuring, then the entire process must be stopped. This should be avoided.

Whether particle-containing process water in the chemical and petrochemical industry or high-purity water for pharmaceutical products, the measurement technqiue must provide accurate and fast measurement results - without increased service and maintenance efforts.

Features & Benefits

High Temperature Combustion

High Temperature Combustion

The analysers high temperature method with combustion at 1,200°C guarantees the complete oxidation of all carbons bonds - incl. particles.

Injection Systems

Injections Systems

Depending on the water composition, e.g. with particles or not, the TOC analyser is equipped with the proper injection system.

TOC, COD, TN, and TP Analysis

Multi-Parameter Measurement

The analyser can be customized for the measurement of TOC, COD, TN, and TP in one unit.

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Fast Measurement

Fast TOC Measurement

TOC measurement takes place in less than 3 minutes, guaranteeing that very short peaks can be determined during a daily cycle.

Multi-Stream Measurement

Multi-Stream Measurement

The modular system offers highest flexibility. The TOC analyser can measure up to six different sample streams within one unit.

Ex-zone Housings


LAR's TOC analyser can be delivered with a number of different housings, depending on the intended location, e.g. ATEX and IECEx.

I want to measure fast, reliably and accurately.

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Safe operation
even in special environments

In order to ensure long operating times and high plant safety, special protective measures must be taken in ex-zones and environments with special conditions.

The total organic carbon analysers from LAR Process Analysers AG can be equipped with explosion-proof stand-alone housings. In contrast to measurement devices in an extra container, analysers equipped with special housings, provide a much more manageable and comforable way with regard to maintenance and service.

All LAR protection housings fulfill international standards and regulations in accordance with ATEX, NEMA 4X and IECEx.

Workers on an oil, gas and petrochemical plant

LAR at PEFTEC 2017

In 2017, LAR will participate for the 2nd time at PEFTEC - Petroleum, Refining, Environmental Monitoring Technologies Conference. The conference will take place on 29th and 30th of November 2017 in Antwerp, Belgium.

At the expo, we will share a joint stand with our local distributor Ankersmid M&C. Visit us at stand 44 - 47.


In the course of PEFTEC, LAR will presenting a seminar on IECEx regulations and ATEX directives – Certified explosion protection for analytical equipment for hydrocarbons and TOC in refineries and petrochemical plants.

The seminar will be held on Thursday, 30th November 2017 at 11.00 - 11.30 in Room 6. Please feel free to participate.

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Custom-fitted TOC Process Analyser

Save time. With custom-fitted process analysers you are able to reduce service and maintenance efforts to a minimum.

Increase your business success. Measure your water streams accurately and reliably, and thus discover early production losses and / or initiate optimization measures.

Perfect for every application. From pure water to waste water, LAR analysers can be fitted to every measurement challenge.

I want to measure accurate, fast and reliable